Former Superintendent of Schools, Greensburg
Project Development Manager




Wednesday, Oct. 3                      
11:30 – 12:30 pm

Community Engagement – Lessons from Greensburg

Understand the critical importance of community engagement in the design process. Joe Keal and Darin Headrick will reflect on their experiences leading the rebuilding and design effort in Greensburg, Kansas following the devastating tornado which destroyed the community in 2007. They will share specific techniques and strategies that were successful in engaging the community in the design process and their insights into the community rebuilding effort’s successes, with 10 years of perspective. Joe’s approach focuses on engaging and supporting others in the collaborative design process to uncover design approaches rooted in high-performance that elevate and enliven the human experience. Darin is a true community leader and will share his inspiring perspective on the challenges of recovery and what the legacy of the rebuilding effort in Greensburg has created.