AEC Industry Specialist

Mandy was senior project architect with Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects before joining ATG USA. She has 13 years of architecture coordination and production experience, and 10 years of Revit production experience, including family and template creation. As part of the Team Augmentation Group, she brings a breadth of general architectural knowledge and construction detail expertise to our group.

Product Expertise:
–Collaboration for Revit
–Revit Architecture
–BIM 360 Cloud Solutions

Thursday, Oct. 4                       
Session 1 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Owner Driven BIM and What Architects Should Be Asking
1 LU

BIM is becoming an increasingly popular owner-requested project deliverable. As the AEC industry explores adjustments and shifts needed across design teams to make this deliverable a reality, conflicting ideas arise about what “BIM” really is, who models what, and how reliable data is incorporated and tracked. This class will dispel common misconceptions concerning Level of Development, introduce best practices around BIM standards, and relay critical conversations you should be having with your clients and contractors where BIM is the deliverable.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss upcoming shifts in the construction industry that are projected to drive changes in design model output and use.
2. Define Level of Development (LOD) for model elements and common misnomers.
3. Understand how using an LOD specification as part of your BIM execution plan can minimize risk.
4. Understand why LOD discussions with owners and contractors are crucial at project start, and other conversations you should be having.