Architectural Designer
Mike Nesbit Studio

Mike is an architectural designer and fine artist based in Los Angeles. With a background in architecture, his multidisciplinary trajectory greatly informs his artwork, allowing Nesbit to bridge art and architecture while exploring technique, repetition, and representation in unique ways. Nesbit has participated in solo and group shows across the country. His recent exhibitions include FLOOD, which has been extended for prolonged view in Omaha, NE; PHLAT BLUES at Wedge Gallery in LA, and TEXTURED BLUE in collaboration with Thomas Prinz in Omaha, NE. Nesbit is the featured artist in the Marriott’s upcoming documentary project showcasing local placemakers in Downtown LA; the forthcoming film highlights Nesbit’s work and creation process. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles and played four years of professional baseball with the Seattle Mariners.

Assoc. Dir. AIA Omaha
Project Manager
Mike Nesbit Studio

Ross is a principal of FormGrey Studio in Omaha, NE; project manager for Mike Nesbit Studio, and the associate director of AIA Omaha. He has led AIA Omaha’s Lecture Series for the last five years, propelling the series into one of the largest AIA lecture series in the country, featuring world-renowned architects and designers. Miller has received numerous honors and recognition for his work in architecture and design, including the 2016 AIA Associates Award and the 2016 University of Nebraska, College of Architecture Friends Association’s Young Alumni Award. In 2017, Miller was conferred the Louise Blanchard Bethune Fellowship for his contributions to the architecture profession through his service on the AIA Strategic Council and he currently serves on the AIA National Board of Directors as the 2018 associate director. He received a Master of Architecture and MBA from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Director of Business Development
Enterprise Precast Concrete

Shawn is the director of business development for Enterprise Precast Concrete in Omaha, NE and has remained in that position since 2011. Shawn’s primary role is developing innovative precast concrete solutions in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and Minnesota. With his leadership, Enterprise has developed numerous award-winning facades from organizations such as the American Concrete Institute, AIA, Precast Concrete Institute, and others.With undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, work in the design industry as well as the construction field, his background provides a full spectrum of perspective when developing architectural precast projects.

Wednesday, Oct. 3                       
Community Engagement Workshop | 11:00 am  – 3:00 pm

FLOOD – A Community-Involved Design Collaboration
1 LU

Mike Nesbit (architectural designer and fine artist from Los Angeles), Ross Miller (architectural designer, project manager, and AIA Omaha associate director from Omaha), and Shawn Wentworth (director of business development for Enterprise Precast Concrete from Omaha) will discuss how a community-involved and locally inspired art/architectural installation, when placed within a forgotten urban infrastructure, can promote design awareness and serve as a catalyst for positive urban renewal.

FLOOD started out as an extension of AIA Omaha’s annual lecture series in 2017. Something that began as a typical lecture and showcase of previous work, quickly escalated when Nesbit and Miller envisioned the potential of producing an art exhibition at an architectural scale: FLOOD. This became a project that would require partnerships with local industry manufacturers, the Omaha design community, and AIA members to produce an interdependent project within the community. By utilizing traditional construction techniques in unfamiliar ways, FLOOD became a symbol of how different disciplines could work together to produce something that engaged, educated, and inspired the Omaha community and public.

Several events were planned around FLOOD, including a first-look private event, a pop-up dinner with a local award-winning chef, and a free public lecture, all culminating to the FLOOD public opening. More than 1,000 people from all corners of the country attended, viewed, and interacted with the FLOOD exhibit–Mike’s first work outside of Los Angeles. In addition, FLOOD was featured by numerous media outlets across television, radio, and print publications. Due to the overwhelming success of FLOOD, AIA Omaha is looking to continue to put on a large-scale community-involved design event annually that engages the Omaha public, bringing awareness to the architectural profession and design community at large. Mike Nesbit Studio is continuing to work with local manufacturers within the Midwest and fly-over states to create large-scale art/architectural projects that push the boundary of construction techniques in an artistic setting as a way for the built environment sector and the cultural community to engage one another.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Discuss the impact of a community-involved design project and its effects on the people interacting in the project’s environment.

2. Discuss the value of tools/techniques and their worth to the built environment. Examine work by scale as a means to alter representation and effect to the community.

3. Discuss ideologies that artists, architects, and designers share and how building and design techniques can serve as powerful sources of inspiration.

4. Discuss how art, in both large and small scale, affects psychology, and its contributions in promoting well-being.

Presentation Topics:

• Emerging Professionals
• Design
• Community Engagement
• Construction/Design Build
• Alternative Practice
• Community Development
• Materials & Methods
• Project Management
• Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
• Urban Renewal
• Public Outreach